My 1st Action as Mayor

After taking the oath for the office of Mayor on January 2nd, I’ll order all DC flags to half staff for the first 24 hours while in office and for each January 2nd moving forward to recognize the criminal injustice that our citizens are homeless and have died in the streets without a roof over their heads.


'Children's Bill of Rights'

We are crowdsourcing the first Bill of Rights for the children of DC.  We were all once a child.  We must give all children an equal opportunity to dream and to fulfill their hopes.


'City-Wide Access to Healthy Foods'

We have enough food to feed everyone.  It's a disgrace that we have hungry people in DC.  We have to eliminate food deserts and build food incubators all across the city. 


'Fight Against Criminal Injustice'

Black Lives Matter.  Effective Solutions for Homelessness. Trauma Survivor Training. Climate Change & Transportation. There are many issues being discussed in the community. 


He mentors entrepreneurs in DC Public Schools and you can too.  The organization is called Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship.  Check us out at

He volunteers as the community outreach leader for Midtown Youth Academy.  This organization has been a balance in the community for about a half a century.  Check us out at

He supports Miriam's Kitchen with a monthly donation.  it's amazing that we can serve a meal for less than 40 cents!  Please consider being a part of the MK team. Check us out at

He designs and creates new vocational education classrooms for students with the Arts Group.  Technology opportunities are giving our youth hope for the future.  High paying skills! Check us out at


Be Dustin's Advisor

Dustin seeks the advice of local experts that provide him invaluable insight on the issues.  The experts are his advisors and they have more than a century of experience combined. 

  • Jorge Ribas of Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce advising on Urban & Economic Development
  • Johnny West of Arts Group advising on Vocational & Education Training
  • Gloria Lee of Midtown Youth Academy advising on the Fight Against Criminal Injustice
  • Waldon Adams of Miriam's Kitchen advising on Effective Solutions for Homelessness