Teacher. Volunteer. Entrepreneur.

4th Generation D.C. Resident.


Dustin ‘DC’ Canter

Independent Candidate for Mayor of DC

Dustin is a fourth generation DC resident, accountant, entrepreneur, teacher, champion for the DC junior boxing team, leader in the DC fitness community, and dedicated volunteer.

After graduating from Wootton High School, Dustin enrolled in America’s highest ranked accounting program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Business.

While his academic success opened doors into both the public sphere and private industry, Dustin chose to follow his entrepreneurial instincts. Returning to DC after several successful years of learning how to run businesses efficiently, Dustin found his passion for developing technologies and processes for solving customers’ problems. In 2012, he founded a software service to assist yoga and fitness businesses with their membership and payment needs. 

In 2014, Dustin rushed to the DC Council chamber to confront Chairman Phil Mendelson: “There are a lot of things you can tax that are not good for the body. So why tax yoga?” Mendelson tried to explain it was in the tax commission’s recommendations and that “the burden is on the public to pay attention to what we’re doing,” but Dustin made it known that did not ease his concerns. “We want to be able to know a lot of these things well in advance,” Canter told Mendelson, “and not a lot of us have the dollars to hire a lobbyist.” Dustin fought against the DC Yoga Tax (proposed with short notice, but passed), and the DC Fitness Trainer Registry in 2015 (which was shelved only after lobbyists hired by CrossFit, Inc. expressed displeasure to then Mayor Vincent Gray).

The day after the shocking results of the 2016 election, Dustin announced his run for Mayor of Washington, DC. Since then, he has brought his message to all DC Wards, campaigning person to person: “The one issue that is my most central, must-accomplish mission in this campaign is the issue of real estate and the economics of what is actually happening here, and to create a healthy, empowering, and inclusive living environment for all residents of Washington, DC.”